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February 23, 2016

From: Reddit AMA

How do you promote creativity inside your developer community?

First, I hope, by providing tools that make it easy to be creative. I’m a big believer in the idea that languages help define what one can think about … and I hope the Wolfram Language lets people think creatively about a lot of things.

At least within our company, I like to try to lead by example. It’s a bad day when I haven’t had at least one idea that I think is decently good. For years now, I’ve spent a lot of my time around the company “thinking in public”—i.e. being on conference calls when I’m actually figuring stuff out, so other people can (a) see why we decided to do something, and (b) get the idea that they can figure things out too. (Also, of course, it’s really great to get other peoples’ input when I’m trying to figure things out.)

Outside the company, we try to have good venues for people to talk about what they’re figuring out, e.g. And for the past 14 years we have our Summer School (, where I and others communicate some of what we’ve learned about getting creative things done…

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