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February 23, 2016

From: Reddit AMA

What ages are appropriate to learn Wolfram Language? Do you see Wolfram Language in third world countries like an Open Source platform in the future?

My theory has been that age 12 is where Wolfram Language starts to be the right thing to learn. But I’ve now seen a good number of 9-, 10- and 11-year-olds who seem to be having a great time with it, so at least for some kids I have to revise my estimate down.

Still younger kids can certainly get a lot out of using specific Wolfram Language Demonstrations e.g. from ( but I think “raw coding” may be too difficult for now. I’m interested in thinking about what to do with this age group. We’ve been working with the Scratch team on “Wolfram Blocks” for Scratch, but I think there are some more ideas to have there. (For our Demonstrations project, there’s actually a list of K, 1,… Demonstrations in

We now have Wolfram Programming Lab available free on the web, at, and I’m definitely hoping there’ll be lots of kids, including from developing countries, who can use it. We also have quite a few projects around the world aimed at introducing the Wolfram Language to kids in developing countries. On a large scale, the challenge is typically teaching the teachers… and finding good partners to do that with.

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