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February 23, 2016

From: Reddit AMA

What do you think of the current “deep learning” methods? Will that fit into Wolfram software?

Yes, we’ve done a lot with these things, and will be doing a lot more. See e.g. that we released a year ago. We’ve also got a lot of machine learning built directly into the Wolfram Language (and we use machine learning to automate it, so you don’t need machine-learning experts to use it).

For me it’s been really interesting to see the trajectory of neural networks. I worked on them back around 1980, and I really couldn’t get them to do anything interesting. I wasn’t sure they would ever do interesting things. But it turns out that—using essentially just the kinds of things I was doing back in 1980—we finally can make them do interesting things. It’s all a very interesting episode in the history of science and technology. (See e.g.

And being able to have this kind of functionality alongside all our precise symbolic computational capabilities in the Wolfram Language is extremely powerful—and I expect lots more from it in the future.

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