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July 20, 2016

From: Reddit AMA

Are there problems that were difficult to solve (historically) but can now be solved trivially using the Wolfram Language? If so, which are your favorites?

About problems that become easy to solve with the Wolfram Language: yes, lots and lots and lots. People mostly just go and use Mathematica—or now the Wolfram Language—to solve problems, and I don’t hear about what they do. But it’s amazing how often I’ll be at some science or technology event and some prominent person will say “oh, yes, I invented or discovered some big thing using the Wolfram Language”… It’s really encouraging to me to hear these things—even if it’s sometimes a decade or more after it happened.

In terms of favorite uses: well, I originally started building what’s now the Wolfram Language so I could use it myself. And I’m really excited about the things I discovered with it in exploring the computational universe of simple programs—the stuff I talked about it in my book A New Kind of Science. Really everything there was made possible by what’s now the Wolfram Language.

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