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March 4, 2019

From: Reddit AMA

Do you use software to keep track of all or some of the projects happening in your company? Is it really just email threads? Do you use a slack-like application? Do you use something to schedule your day and/or keep track of what you want to be doing?

We have a good project management team and system at our company. I think probably the project management culture is the most important part. Different project teams end up using different specific software systems (some use Jira, some use RT, some use homegrown solutions, etc.) We have pretty active RocketChat going on around our company.

My scheduling is pretty complicated, and I have to admit that I have a full-time person who just handles that. (It gets complicated, among other things, because we have lots of meetings that involve people in very diverse timezones … and sometimes meetings go in unexpected directions and we have to quickly find people, etc. Also, sometimes when I’m working on something I’ll end up getting on a roll, and don’t want to derail.) My actual schedule is in a standard iCal calendar (Zimbra+Fantastical2). [I’m not a huge fan of the current system we have; it’s hard to believe that in 2019 calendar refreshing is that hard, or that recurring meetings need to have such simple-minded logic.]

At least during the week, I tend to have 10–12 hours of completely scheduled time, mostly meetings. I’ve adopted the methodology of “thinking in public”, so most of those meetings are actually creative time, but with other people helping/learning etc.

As far as keeping track of what I want to do longer term … I have lots of Wolfram Notebooks full of ideas and plans, and I organize things with those.

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