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March 4, 2019

From: Reddit AMA

What have been the most useful personal analytics that you’ve tracked? What have been the most interesting or surprising finding that you’ve discovered about yourself or your life as a result?

The most useful thing by far that I have is a good email archive, going back 30 years, and well searchable. Also an OCR’ed archive of pretty much every piece of paper in my life. As far as data goes, I find my real-time dashboard of email backlog as a function of time pretty helpful. Oh, and I also find my count-up timer of how long I’ve been asleep useful. Other personal analytics I end up accumulating, and then look at if I have a specific question.

Actually, there’s another thing: I’ve noticed that a day or two before I get sick with a fever, my heart rate seems to go up. However, in an example of how difficult medical science can be, I’ve (happily) only gotten sick 3 times in the last 3 years or so since I’ve been continuously measuring my heart rate. The first two times I saw this effect. But the most recent time I don’t think I did, though it was hard to tell because other things were affecting my heart rate…

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