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March 4, 2019

From: Reddit AMA

What’s an easy addition that would improve your infrastructure in the next year or two? Could you add some NLP to scan online papers and surface ones that, for example, relate to your current project(s)?

I’ve been experimenting with using our latest ML/NLP tools. One basic thing I’d like is to have a system that alerts me if a question I sent out in email didn’t get answered after a certain time. It’s a slightly tricky problem. A student at last year’s Wolfram Summer School made a decent “is it a question” classifier, but one has to trace through issues of email threading etc.

Another thing I’d really like is an automated “computational history” tool: to be able to take thousands of files or emails about a particular subject and create some kind of meaningful summary timeline/visualization/narrative. I’d like to be able to answer e.g. “what happened with this?”, and automatically get the kind of answer that a good historian/analyst could give me.

Of course, ultimately I’d just like a “bot of myself” that can suggest e.g. how I should respond to this AMA question 🙂

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