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March 4, 2019

From: Reddit AMA

You gather data on your daily activities using Mathematica. As more biofeedback tech (smart watches, neuro tech, etc.) comes along what will Mathematica’s role be in helping make use of this data in a meaningful way? Also if I want to make use of a Muse device’s data (EEG data) what would be the best approach for doing so in Mathematica?

Mathematica/WL have been able to import EDF for a long time. EEG is really complicated, though I have to believe that modern machine learning should finally be able to unscramble it better.

As far as decoding biofeedback data: ultimately one needs a model for the human to know what it means. And that’s becoming more realistic, e.g. with our SystemModeler product. There’s a huge amount that I think can be done with “sensor-based medicine”, but it requires a change in the way people think about things like medical diagnosis. When you’ve got a gigabyte of data, it’s no longer “well, do you have A or B?”. This is a big subject … there’s lots more to say about it…..

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