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March 4, 2019

From: Reddit AMA

You mentioned putting on a tiny camera which takes pictures every 30 seconds while at trade shows. Which camera do you use? Has anyone ever asked you to pause the camera?

It’s what was originally called Memoto, then changed its name to Narrative, and sadly didn’t make it commercially. (I think they really saw it as a home/consumer product; I’m pretty sure the real market is more professional, for trade shows, validating behavior, etc.)

Particularly several years ago, people sometimes said “what’s that?” I thought about painting an eye or a camera icon on it just to communicate preemptively that it’s camera, not least because sometimes people thought it was an audio recorder. I don’t remember any time in a professional setting when anyone asked me to turn it off. A few times I wanted to use it on outings with my children, but they gave me such a hard time (“what a stupid thing that is!”) that I typically gave up….

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