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March 26, 2019

From: Interview by Nick Douglas, Lifehacker

When you’re deciding what to track, does that usually come about because you found some new device or system that lets you track something easily, and you’re like “OK, let’s just try it and see if anything interesting happens”? Or is this more goal-oriented?

Anything I can track, I track. And most of these systems, once they’re set up, I never have to think about them again. Years ago I started taking a picture of my computer screens every, I don’t know what it is, 30 seconds or a minute or something. And that’s been running for years and years and years, and I never think about it. Occasionally I think maybe I should make a movie out of that. And I look at it, and it’s amusing to see the email scrunch down and expand and so on, but it’s pretty boring. Will I ever use that data for anything? I don’t know. It’s super cheap to keep. And so why not.

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