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November 20, 2019

From: Interview by Garett Sloane, AdAge

Why did you propose to Congress that they hand over control of social media algorithms, giving outside companies the ability to sort posts for users in news feeds?

The reason I agreed to testify when I did was because things were being proposed that didn’t make any scientific and technological sense, and so I thought I should point that out. And then I realized, “Gosh I’m just going to come and say a bunch of negative things about things that won’t work. I better come with suggestions of things that might work”.

To my considerable surprise the suggestions that I came up with [have] had a lot of interest and positive feedback. And basically nobody—and I’ve talked to a lot of people about them now, including people very involved in the actual implementation of these kind of things—nobody has come and said there’s a fatal flaw. So I think that’s quite interesting.

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