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December 18, 2019

From: Interview by Guy Kawasaki, Remarkable People Podcast

What was it like to grow up in England in the ’60s?

I don’t know. I thought that I was a typical growing-up-in-the-’60s kid in England. I got really interested in space because space was a thing that was happening at that time, and that was a very American-oriented thing. In England at that time, the US seemed like a pretty far-off place. I think at any given time in history there’s a most exciting thing that’s going on. In the 1960s, that was space, so 50 years ago, I was following the Apollo 11 landing and all this kind of thing. I got interested from that in how does this all work, and that got me interested in physics, so I started reading books about physics and so on and I discovered this amazing fact: that you could just go to a library and find all these books and start learning stuff and there wasn’t really any constraint.

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