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March 16, 2020

From: Reddit AMA

Do you ever work from your living room or dining room table? Or is it important to only work from your “home office” setup to keep things productive?

Mostly I work in my home office because I have the best setup there. Sometimes (e.g. at a meal time) I’ll take a laptop to somewhere else in the house, though usually it’s just “backup” in case my family gets out their laptops too.

I also have a computer connected to a treadmill, and I use that every day … or at least every day when I’m not able to walk outside. I have a weird popcorn-seller-like contraption for “wearing” a laptop, and I use that to work when I’m walking outside. (It’s not as efficient as working sitting at my usual desk, but it’s good for some tasks.)

When I’ve been traveling, I’ve worked from some pretty exotic locations. I started doing some “remote work” back in the early 1980s, when my “portable computer” was the size of a suitcase. I really appreciate the development of technology since then. It’d be nice if satphones did data better though… But I think that’s coming…

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