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March 16, 2020

From: Reddit AMA

How do you avoid distractions in your home?

Right now I’m sitting in my home office and there’s nothing really to distract me here 🙂

Realistically … I work on long projects where I seem to remain focused for a decade or more … but locally I can be quite distractible. Like I just glanced over at my email even as I’m writing this. But I seem to have learned to always come back to the task after at most a short time away.

I know some people do things like listening to music while they work. I can’t do that; I prefer complete silence, so I can focus as much as possible on what I’m doing. (The one exception is when I’m doing a task that is quite reflexive for me, but also quite boring … and then I’ll sometimes listen to rousing music to “encourage” me …. though I pause it as soon as I have to think at all hard.)

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