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March 4, 2019

From: Reddit AMA

About mobile technology, do you think that smartphones will suppress desktop computing? What is the future of mobile vs desktop computing in business? What do you think about programming in mobile in the future?

For myself, I really like having a keyboard that I can type fast on. Our Wolfram Cloud app runs fine on a smartphone, and lets you bring up a notebook and do programming. In a few emergency situations I’ve used this, and it’s worked better than I expected. But I can’t see myself forsaking a keyboard for serious work.

I guess the real question is: can things be reduced to point-and-click and/or menus, etc., or is more linguistic communication necessary. I strongly believe that for any form of rich expression, one needs linguistic communication. For natural language, it’s conceivable to use voice. We’ve done some experiments on voice-based Wolfram Language programming, but we haven’t figured it out. (OK, there is one case of that I’ve seen: I visited a group of 11-year-olds who’d learned Wolfram Language and were actually able to fluently speak it to each other… and were pretty disappointed that I couldn’t immediately understand what they were saying…)

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